Concert of the Cross
a full length musical

Written by
Cora L. Jackson

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Disk 1:
Luke 2:11
I Wish That I Could Have Been There
The Lazarus Rap
When I See the Blood
One Man Parade
Sweet Communion
John 14:1-3
One Man Parade (Reprise)

Disk 2:
That's What He Told Me
I'll Stand
By His Stripes
I'll Meet You on the Other Side
Into Your Hands
Where Will You Spend Eternity?
I've Gotta Tell It
Come to Jesus
I've Gotta Tell It (Reprise)

Cora L. Jackson's Concert of the Cross has been a favorite Easter tradition since it first debuted. The original full length musical was recorded live at Seattle's Bethel Temple in 1998. Also in '98, a second performance was given at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre.

In 1999, S.T.A.N.D. produced Concert of the Cross in April and took the show on tour in England the following September. Performances were held in both London and Nottingham.

S.T.A.N.D. produced Concert of the Cross Easter week of 2000; New Hope Baptist church performed the musical the following year, 2001.

In 2004, several members of Boise's Gospel Graces Choir joined S.T.A.N.D. at Seattle's Town Hall. The performance included many of the original cast members.

In 2005, Cora brought Concert of the Cross to Idaho. Several workshops, sponsored by Unity in Community, helped to prepare Boise's local talent to be featured in the musical. The performances were at The Vineyard, and featured 12 Boise area clergy as the 12 apostles, as well as talent from the Seattle area.

Plans are being firmed up now for the 10th Anniversary performance of Concert of the Cross in March of 2008.


129 30th Ave E ~ Seattle, WA 98112


Synopsis ~ A brother and sister are discussing the events of the past few days. Jesus came into Jerusalem triumphantly, but then was crucified.

Was this Jesus a fake (as Brother thinks), or was there something more to the story?

A full length musical in two acts, Concert of the Cross takes place between the crucifixion and the ressurection of Jesus. Told with humor, music, dance and acting, the audience is challanged to look at 2000-year-old events in a brand new way.